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The Toll Collector Bear

Please pay your tax

The bear thought it is a good idea to start collecting toll fees from the animals passing through his area. So he had this great idea, he managed to roll down a big wood log to block the road. Any animal passing through that area had to pay the toll fees to the bear to remove the roadblock. The bear made the life of other animals miserable.

One day a smart rabbit who was cycling met with that roadblock. “Hey, what is happening here? Who is blocking the road?” he exclaimed. “Don’t you know that you have to pay a toll fee before you can pass through this area?” the bear appeared from the bush and said. “On whose order?” the rabbit asked. “It’s my order, and nobody should question me. If you question me, I will kill you,” the arrogant bear said.

“Sorry sir, I don’t have any money to pay the toll fee, will you please allow me to go at least for this one time? I have an important job to do,” the rabbit begged. But the bear just ignored his request and insisted he has to pay the toll fee before he can pass through that area. The disappointed rabbit had to return home without completing his journey.

Back home, he thought about a good idea about how to get rid of that bear block. After thinking sometimes, he got a great idea. He went to a rat and told him about whatever happened that day and requested his help. The rat agreed to help him out.

It was night, and the bear was fast asleep. The rat started working on his idea. He started grinding on the wood log stoppers that prevented the wood log from rolling down. It was quite easy for the rat to complete his mission. After a few hours of grinding, the stoppers were removed completely. The wood log started rolling down and hit the sleeping bear. The bear thought it was a monster attacking him and started running. He never returned, all animals were happy and congratulated the rabbit and the rat for getting rid of the bear.

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