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We Are Street Dogs, Brave Enough

Life is getting tough

Night has fallen, the city lights were switched on. It was a cold winter night, and there was pin-drop silence. From the darkness, two street dogs emerged, they started talking. “See bro, we are street dogs and not street beggars, we have our dignity, but the sad thing is that our street dog community has failed to understand that,” said the big dog to the small dog. “You are right bro, we are not getting the recognition we deserve. Let’s prove to the world that we are strong. Together let’s fight for our betterment,” said the small dog.

Soon they heard a big noise of a vehicle fast approaching. It was dog catchers, who were chasing the street dogs. The duo started running with all their strength. They had a narrow escape from the dog catchers.

“We are not safe in this place, and it’s getting more and more difficult for us to stay free here, someday we’ll be caught. Before that happens, let’s go to another place,” said one dog. Together both the dogs started a new journey, to an unknown place, where there are no dog catchers and people treat street dogs with respect. Will they ever find such a place?

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