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Mission Bingo Book Review

Nice to meet you dear!

It was a great day for the little girl Andrea. The happy little girl was in the park playing, running after the butterflies, and enjoying the spring. There she happened to meet a cute cat named Bingo. She grew curious about the cat, as he seems to have sadness on his face. She wanted to know more about him and started to talk to him.

She never thought that she will be able to talk to a cat, but now she realizes she can! It was fun talking to him, but later he told his sad story to the girl. It was a sad story about how he lost his dear family. “Nothing can bring them back to me,” he wept before the girl.

“Don’t worry, Mr.Cat, you are the security guard of this park and if anybody sees you crying like this, it will be a shame. Now I promise you that I am here to help you,” promised the little girl. She started the “Mission Bingo” to find the missing family of the cat. Will she be able to help the cat out? Buy Mission Bingo, the cute cat story

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