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Baby Elephant And The Lion Story

Don't drink water from here!

One day, the baby elephant was drinking water from the river. As soon as he started drinking water, he heard a lion’s roar. “How dare are you drinking water from this river? This river is known as King’s river, and only we, the lions are supposed to drink from here,” said the arrogant lion. “Oh, I am sorry sir, I thought the water belongs to all animals. I didn’t know that this water is meant only for you,” said the baby elephant, and left the place immediately. Now, the lion was happy, because he has shown his power to somebody, even though he was a baby.

Later, in the afternoon, the baby elephant came to the river exactly at the same spot, where he had met the lion before. But this time he had with him his whole family. There were also some huge elephants in the group.

The whole elephant group was drinking water, and the lion appeared again . But he was for a surprise, seeing the big group of elephants drinking the water, the Lion couldn’t speak a word. He well knew that if he says something, all the elephants would be attacking him. This time he left the place silently, the baby elephant couldn’t help stop laughing.

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