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Giraffe And The Elephant Story

Don't be upset baby, I'll help you out

“Hey smarty, where are you going alone? What happened to your mother?” the curious giraffe asked the baby elephant walking alone. ” I saw a little bird and ran after her. Now I am lost, I don’t know how to reach home. I want to see my mom,” the baby burst into tears.

Offering The Help

Seeing the baby elephant crying for her mother made the Giraffe sad. After all, she is too a loving mother of two baby giraffes. Something has to do immediately to help baby elephant before it is getting dark,” she thought. “Don’t worry baby, I will help you out. See, I have a long neck and a pair of strong long legs, I can easily trace your mother, now stop crying,” the giraffe said the baby elephant.

The Giraffe ran to the top of the mountain. From there, she could see things miles away. She saw the baby elephant’s mother from a distance. “Hey baby, you are in luck. I found your mother,” the giraffe called the baby. The baby elephant ran excitedly to the top of the mountain. He saw his mother searching for him.

“You stay here while I go and bring your mother to you before she goes away,” said the Giraffe. She ran fast as she could to the mother elephant and told her that her baby is safe. She followed the Giraffe and found her son safe and sound. Both the mother and the baby thanked the Giraffe for her timely help and went home happy.



Good Giraffe

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