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How Otis Became A Proud Dog Again?

Where Is My Love?

Otis, the dog, was a proud dog. Always walk around the house with his head held high. He assumes himself superior to any other dogs. As a family pet, he had everything a dog can dream of. Still, he missed something deep in his heart. He looked outside his window and saw some street dogs wandering here and there. They are happy because they have friends. The proud dog found himself lonely and all his proudness vanished into the air.

Otis was too excited to meet his new friend, lucy, a beautiful female dog, who got down from the train. Lucy was very shy about seeing the Otis. She liked him at first sight itself. It was the starting of a long, long love story. Otis became a proud dog again, who has a family of his own!

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Jack: Otis is a romantic dog!

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