A Dog Love Story

girl and the dog waiting for thetrain

Otis, the dog, is very happy today, as he got a word from the girl that he is getting a new friend. Otis was too excited the previous night when he got that exciting news.  Together, the dog and the girl were anxiously waiting for the train.

From a distance, they heard the whistle of the approaching train. Here it comes, it was slowing down. Otis was too excited to meet her and stood upon the rail to stop the train. But the girl got angry with the dog because he will be run over by the train. So she pulls him back.

At last, the train came to a complete halt, and there she is, Lucy, a beautiful female dog, got down from the train along with the girl’s mother. Lucy was very shy about seeing the Otis. She liked him at first sight itself. It was the starting of a long, long love story.

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