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I Think Somebody Is Watching Me!

Hope he didn't see me!

The fish was swimming in the sea. She had this unusual feeling that she is being watched over. It was none other than a seagull hovering the fishes above the sky. With her widespread wings, he was gliding to catch fish.

A seagull is very talented in catching a fish flying low, grabbing the fish with its legs. If he targets something, it’s going to be very difficult to escape from him, that’s what her mother told the fish. Fishes under the sea have got a lot of dangers facing their life. Sometimes, it’s the fishermen, sometimes birds like seagull or even there is a risk from the sharks and whales.

Thanks For The Timely Help

Our fish was swimming with all her strength to escape from the danger looming above her. The seagull was flying low, ready one, two, three, and here he goes.  But suddenly something happened, the fish had a narrow escape from the clutches of the seagull. It was an Octopus that caught the seagull on its legs. The seagull tried hard to fly, but Octopus didn’t leave him.  That was the end of the seagull. The fish thanked the Octopus for timely help, but the Octopus just ignored what the fish had to say. He was busy eating the seagull.

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