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Life of A Zoo Giraffe

Dreaming Wild

How are you? It’s good to see you all kids here in the zoo. I love kids because I too have two kids of the same age as yours. We are ok in this zoo, we don’t have to fear about Lions or Tigers hunting us, but we miss that adventurous life once we had in the wild where we had a lot to do running around.

In the wild, things are quite different than the zoo life here. While you people come in caged vehicles to visit us, we animals in the wild wander independently. But here in the zoo, it is just the opposite. Life of a giraffe in the zoo is pretty harder than you think. Because of the limited space, our long legs don’t get enough space to run.

Hey girl, you drew me very nicely. I love you dears. Goodbye for now, my kids might be searching for me. I will tell them about you, love you all.

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