elephant scream
Hey, Come Here!

Why He Screams?

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“Hey, come here, I found water,” the young elephant screamed with excitement seeing the water body. In a dry land, the young elephant found water, the elephants were searching for it. It’s their resource for life. It’s summer in the forest again, the animals are wandering far away places in search of water.

During summer, water becomes scarce in the forest, which makes the poor elephants forced out of their natural habitat on a journey to keep their life get going! You must have heard this saying,

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

After all, it’s a matter of surviving the summer for a few months. The wonderful thing about these elephants are they remember exactly the path to the water body, even if it lies on a far away place. Hope the elephants will be back in their places safe and sound after this summer.

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