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This Is What They Teach You At The Cat University!

Don't play smart!

The young cats are receiving their first ever lesson on how to catch a rat the easy way. The cat professor is an expert in rat catching. He holds the highest degree in the art of ratting, also has a proven track record in it.

The Art Of Ratting

“Hi guys, this is your first da in the university. As you must have guess by now, I am going to give you a practical class on the Art of Ratting,” said the cat professor as he gathered his students before a rat hole. “This is rat hole is the residence of a big rat. “Every time this rat has managed to escape me. I am very frustrated about it. Let’s wait patiently for the rat to come out. Our mission is to catch that clever rat as soon as he comes out of the hole. Let’s wait here,” said the professor. All of them waited in different spots around the rat hole.

Inside the hole, the rat was preparing for his nighttime adventure. He had meticulously planned on his nighttime activities. He has plans to go out of the house for a rat party, the street across with the rats who are waiting for him to start the party.

The rat made sure everything is alright and came out of the hole. Suddenly the professor jumped upon him caught the rat. Youg cats were watching the action without blinking their eyes. They clapped non-stop.

“Guys, that’s all for today, class dismissed. Now go to your homes,” said the professor. All cats went home happy about learning how to catch a rat single-handedly.

“Thanks for your cooperation Mr. Rat for the demo. Those fools think that it was real action. See you in the next class, go and enjoy the party,” the cat and the rat laughed and shook hands with each other.

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