Flooding Times In The Jungle

mother and baby elephants

“Hey, mom, where are we going? I fear that we are going to die in the water,” said the baby elephant to his mother. The jungle rivers are flooded and overflowing. Animals are facing a hard time, fleeing to other places to survive the floodwaters with whatever means they could. They don’t have a choice other than to leave the place immediately or otherwise will be dead by drowning in the floodwaters. Luckily, the mother elephant got a big wooden log in which she and her son found safety from the rising waters.

Clinching To The Safety

“No, dear, we are going to a safe place. We only have to clinch to this wooden log and stay calm until we reach a safe place. Now our life is on this wooden log. We are going heading southward, where the river is taking us. It’s a downstream ahead and we are moving faster, hold tight. Only after the monsoon, we would be able to return to our home.

“That means I miss all my friends too?” the baby elephant was very sad about leaving his friends. “But don’t worry, they also will be there. Many animals are already floating like us. Some are ahead of us and some behind us,” the mother elephant consoled the baby.

Soon they reached the new place. The baby elephant was surprised to see all his friends there. “Wow, it’s a big surprise, it’s a beautiful place here. I love you for taking me to this new place,” he said.

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