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Baby On The Rooftop

mother and baby rabbit
My Baby, Come Down Please!

“Hey, baby, where are you? If you hear me, please reply,” the mother rabbit was desperately searching for her baby everywhere. She looked all around her house. She went to the carrot farm even she looked into a pit near her the farm. But nowhere she could find her dear baby. She was worried about her baby because the little girl doesn’t know how treacherous the outside world.

She searched for a few hours and got tired. Sat there for a while before restarting her search. Suddenly, she heard a feeble voice from above. “Mum, look up, I am here.” It was her dear baby on the rooftop, smiling at her bewildered mother.

The mother couldn’t believe her eyes. She burst into tears. “Hey, mom, why are you crying? At last, you found me, right?” the baby rabbit said. “You will not understand why I am crying. But you will understand it one day when you become a mother,” the mother rabbit said while helping her baby girl to come down from the rooftop.

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