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Unsuspecting Flea And The Frog

frog and the flea
I Got You!

“Hey, why are you staring at me? Do you think you can catch me? No way, because a flea is faster than a silly frog!” the flea teased at the frog.

The flea even flew around the frog, just to show the frog how smart she is. The flea was confident that the frog will never be able to catch her. 

After flying around the frog, the flea sat on a flower bed. Of course, she made sure that she is at a safe distance from the frog. But the frog sat idle without showing any interest in the flea. All of a sudden, it happened, the frog got the flea even without making a single move from where he was sitting.

How could the frog catch the flea even without moving from where he was? The frog had a hidden weapon inside his mouth. He used his tongue to grab the flea from the flower bed. The flea never knew that the frog has such a long tongue with strong glue on it! The unsuspecting flea got glued onto the frog tongue. The frog was waiting for the right time for the action. The frog got the flea, even before the flea realized it.

What do you learn from this story? Never underestimate your enemies. They might possess something you might be not knowing.

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