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Giraffe And The Bear Story

Tallest animal

The giraffe had a bad habit of boasting about his height. Anybody he sees on his way will get this question from him. “Have you ever seen an animal who is taller than me?”  One day he met a bear on his way, he repeated that same question to the bear.

“No, I have never seen an animal taller than you. Hey Giraffe, can you do me a favor?” asked the bear. “Yes, tell me, let me see I can be of any help with your request,” said the giraffe. “You know, I love honey. I have spotted a big tree with a huge honeycomb hanging on it. I can see you have good height, and if you try, you can easily get me that honeycomb,” can you help me?

“Of course, why not. I definitely will help you out,” the giraffe said. Both the animals went to the honeycomb tree. Giraffe saw the honeycomb. “It’s so easy for me, here you go,” the giraffe grabbed the honeycomb with his mouth. Suddenly, the honeybees started attacking the giraffe. It was an unexpected attack, so Giraffe had to run for his life. The bear got the honeycomb and laughed at the fleeing giraffe. “Hey fool, a good height is not enough, you should have a good brain too,” the bear said.

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