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A Honey Hunting Adventure Of Bears

You stay here I will go and get it

“Mom, my friend had a honey dinner yesterday. He said it tasted excellent. I also want to eat honey, mom, please can you get me some?” asked the baby bear asked his mother bear. The mother bear couldn’t turn down his request for honey, after all, he is too a bear.

“Don’t be sad dear, tomorrow let’s go for a honey hunting adventure, I will also teach you how to get honey from the honeycomb,” she said.  “That’s great mom, thanks for teaching me how to hunt for honey,” the bear kid was in great excitement.

The next day, the mother and son went deep into the forest in search of honey. Mother bear spotted a large honeycomb hanging from a big tree. “Um, there must be a lot of honey in it, you stay here, while I climb the tree to grab it,” she said.

The mother bear started climbing the big tree, last day’s rain made the tree a lot slippery. After a lot of struggle, the mother bear reached the top of the tree. The moment she touched the honeycomb, the honeybees started attacking her. It was a painful affair, but she didn’t give up. With the large honeycomb in her hands, she came down from the tree. “Run baby, the honeybees will attack us,” she said to her son. Both the bears started to run. Finally, they reached a lakeside, the bees have stopped following them.

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They sat on the ground, mother gave the honeycomb to her son, showed him how to get honey out of it. “Wow, this honey tastes so good, I just can’t stop drinking it, thank you mom!” said the bear kid. There was a lot of honey inside the honeycomb, and both the bears ate honey to their heart’s content. “When you grow up, you will also be able to hunt honey yourself,” she said. “Sure mom, I am looking forward to that,” said the baby bear with a smile on his face.

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