Hunters Are After Us, Beware!

All the ducks were in a panic because the hunters have reached their place. What they can do to escape from those merciless hunters? Ducks had a meeting to discuss the issue.

Quack, Quack, may I have your attention, please.  Look, we are facing a threat to our lives, the duck hunters. I have heard some reliable reports from the other side of the lake that a group of duck hunters is on a hunting spree killing our fellow beings.

Anytime those hunters would be here, so beware!  Those guys carry guns with them and a special whistle. First, they whistle to make a duck sound, that can imitate our sound exactly as we do.  An innocent duck may take it as another duck calling for friendship. That’s all hunters need, and they catch the duck easily when it comes.  There is no need to panic, but it’s time to act smart! If you spot a hunter, let’s know about it, so that we can be alert and hide somewhere away from the hunters.

The next day, the hunters arrived, they whistled to attract ducks. But for their utter disappointment, no ducks turned up.  So hunters returned home empty-handed, thinking that there are no ducks at that place. All the ducks came out of their hiding place and danced together to celebrate their victory.

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