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The Baby Elephant Dancer

Let me dance for you

No wonder, this baby elephant dances for any music music she hears because she is a runaway circus elephant. The funny elephant escaped from the circus when the circus train stopped near a forest due to some engine trouble. She came out of the train and ran into the forest.

But she was for a big surprise. Other elephants in the forest were not ready to accept her into their gang. They feared that she was a spy sent by somebody to trap them. She tried her best to explain her situation, but it didn’t work out. The poor baby elephant had no clue about what to do next.

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A few days have passed like that. Wandering here and there in the forest, she heard an excellent piece of dance music. It was played by some men who came to the forest for a picnic. The baby elephant started shaking her body, dancing to the tune, surprising everybody. The elephant gang also were seeing the baby elephant’s dancing. “Hey, this girl is dancing fantastic, let’s take her in,” one of the senior elephants said. The baby elephant has become a celebrity and everybody appreciated her talent. For the rest of her life, she spent happily in the forest dancing and singing.

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