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Hello From A Sky Monster

Hello Friend

“Mom, there is a monster in the sky. Will it attack us?” asked the baby elephant to his mother.  “No dear, that’s a helicopter watching us over, whether we’re safe and out of danger. You know that we animals in the national park are under threat from the cruel hunters with their big guns, kill us mercilessly for our valuables.

That helicopter is our friend in the sky, doing its daily duty, watching us over, and taking a count of animals, how many of us to make sure that we all are out of danger. That’s why it is roaming above us every day, to report any issues to the responsible,” said the mother elephant. When the helicopter is in the sky, we know that we are protected, say hello to him,” said the mother elephant.

The baby elephant was greatly relieved to know that the helicopter was not a monster but their friend who is doing a great job in making animals safe. He smiled at him said hello to the helicopter by waving his little trunk. The helicopter became happy to see the cute baby elephant’s happy gesture, flew way down, stood still there for a moment, and said a big hello to the baby elephant.

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