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I Lost My Home, Please Help

Next will be yours

“What the heck is going on? Where is my home gone?” the polar bear woke up for a bad surprise that morning. Everywhere it is water, and the only place left is a small piece of an iceberg where he stands now. He is in danger the iceberg he is standing could melt anytime.

Who is the culprit? “Global Warming,” yes, you heard it right. It’s taking its toll around the world. “Oh, what’s that sound?” the bear hears the sound of ice breaking. The broken ice is moving into the sea, makes it hard for the ships to maneuver. The ice melt into water caused the sea level to rise to create havoc in coastal areas, cities are submerged in water. People are frozen with fear and wonder what is wrong with the climate. Many have lost their homes and their dear ones too!

The bear started praying for his life. He knows that he will be thrown into the water anytime. But still, he hopes.

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