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Where Is My Car?

How's my car?

Left by some hunters, a tiger got a car. The car had stopped working and needed repair. The tiger was happy, somehow got into the car. “I think it’s a gift for me left by somebody who loves me,” he thought and made it his home.

All other animals envied the tiger because he was the only animal who owned a car in the forest. Even the king lion got annoyed by the car. Many animals came to see the tiger’s car, walked around it, while the tiger proudly sat behind the steering wheel. I’m the happiest tiger, he declared to the world.

A few days have passed, as usual, the tiger went for hunting. It was not a good day for him. He didn’t get anything to hunt, even a small rabbit. Running after some animals, he was too tired and returned home. On return, he found that his cute car is missing. He looked everywhere for his car, but it was nowhere to be seen.

A bird from the top of the tree asked the tiger why he was worried. “Can’t you see, my cute car is missing,” said the tiger. While you were not here some people came and got the car repaired and took it away,” said the bird. “But you didn’t inform me,” the tiger was angry at the bird. “Did you want to get killed by them? They had big guns in their hands. If you were here, you should have been shot dead by now,” said the bird. “I am sorry dear, you saved me from danger, thank you very much bird,” the tiger said.  He was happy, even though he lost his car, he got his life back!

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