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Hello, I Am Not Your Usual Pet Cat

Time for some fishing

I am not your usual pet cat. The life of a countryside cat is very different than a pet cat. It’s filled with adventures, often I have faced dangers.

My day starts with usual house visits. Going from house to house in search of something to eat. Some people show me, love, while there are people who hate me too. But I have no complaints what so ever because I really enjoy it. One thing is sure, that I never envy at those pet cats who enjoy all the luxuries because they don’t get the one thing I am getting, the ultimate freedom to do whatever I want to do.

Kids Train Coffee Mug
Kids Train Coffee Mug
by giftsfunshop

As usual, I am here near the lake to catch some fish. If I am lucky, I’ll get some today. After the rain, the undercurrent is quite strong, so I need to be careful. A single mistake would mean instant death. Ah, here comes a fish, it’s big than usual, let me try to catch it. Yes, I got it, today is a great day for me.  I can invite my friends too for a sumptuous lunch.

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