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Finding The Real Lover

The pretty bird she was, she drew attention wherever she goes. She was a great dancer too. When she performs, the world stood still to enjoy her dance.

Many male birds were her followers, seeking ways to impress her.  Some male birds went to the extreme level of showing acrobatics before her to impress her. According to them, she was the most beautiful bird in the forest. But she was not going to somebody who just mesmerized by her look, she was looking for a genuine lover, a real bird who can protect her from dangers and take care of her and her future children.

Consoling Mug
Consoling Mug
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One day a hunter trapped her in his net. She cried for help, but nobody came forward to help the poor bird because everybody feared that merciless bird hunter. The pretty bird lost all her hope of getting freed. “Anytime the hunter would come and take me, now I have to live the rest of my life crumbled in a cage,” she thought.

She woke up hearing a sound. It was the sound of a small rat cutting the net with his sharp teeth. She got her freedom back after several hours. Tears were flowing from her eyes as she thanked the rat for his timely help. “I am just doing my duty. It was him who brought me here,” said the rat, pointing towards a handsome male bird standing nearby. She looked at that male bird thankfully. Both the birds started a family and lived happily for the rest of their lives.

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