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The Old Lion Hunting

Here he comes, keep quiet!

The old lion was disappointed because, for the past few days all his attempts to hunt down animals met with utter failure. His old age made him weak. If he couldn’t even properly walk, how can he catch a running deer or a rabbit? That’s out of the question. 

At his young age, he was the strongest lion. He never missed his hunting target. If he spots an animal, within a matter of a few seconds he would have caught it. Such was his speed and alertness. But those great times have gone, and now here he is, too feeble and tired. Animals find it easy to escape him and fear him less.

So he sought a bird’s advice.  The bird had a bright idea. He advised the lion to hide behind a tree and wait for the right moment before the prey comes very near to him.

So he was hiding behind the tree. “Here comes a deer, be quiet,” said the bird. The unsuspecting deer was coming near and near. All of a sudden, the lion jumped upon the deer. But he missed the target and the deer ran away. “See brother, that’s your problem. You acted fast because you were impatient. First, you need to learn to be patient before trying something you are weak,” said the bird.

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