Where Is My Love Gone?

sad bird waiting on a branch
Love knows no bounds!

The poor bird is sad because her love had left her. That morning they had a silly fight over nothing. She never thought that it would end up like that in something disastrous like this. He left her without saying a word.

She waited on the branch of the tree looking at the horizon, didn’t eat anything. She was too sad and regretted over the silly argument and the fight that followed. I should have controlled myself, she thought.

Another male bird was flying around to befriend her. He proposed her with a beautiful song of love. “Please leave me alone, my love indeed left me, but I am sure he will come back,” she said firmly to the male bird. He left her seeing her love for her beloved.

It’s evening, she was still alone, singing a sad song about her broken love. Just as she finished her sad song, she saw her love coming from the horizon. She was flapping her wings in excitement. “At last, my wait is over, here he comes,” she whispered to herself. Both the birds were happy and rubbed their shoulders.  From that day onwards, they never argued or fight over anything. They lived ever happily for the rest of their life.

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