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Fox And The Young Rabbit Story

Fox of the winter

“Son, please don’t go too far away while playing,” said the mother rabbit to her son.

“Yes, mom, I won’t go too far away,” said the young rabbit while jumping out of his home.

The fox needed something to eat to keep herself and her family warm during the tough winter. On her way, the fox saw the baby rabbit playing alone.

“Hello cute rabbit, would you mind coming with me to my home to play with my children?” asked the fox. 

“No, my mom told me not to go with anybody,” the rabbit said politely.

“Who said I am anybody? I am a good fox mother of three cute fox babies. My babies will be happy to meet you. Want to see them?” asked the fox. The unsuspecting rabbit believed the fox because he wanted to meet the fox babies, and he went with the fox.

The fox had a beautiful house. She opened the door and let the rabbit in.

The fox was right, she had three cute babies, but they were not friendly. Suddenly, the fox closed the door, and the rabbit understood that he was trapped. What to do now? There was no time to waste. Luckily, the rabbit saw a small opening on the wall. Somehow he jumped and managed to escape. He ran as fast as he could and reached home almost fainted.

“What happened, dear?” The rabbit’s mother asked him. The rabbit told her everything that had happened to him that day. She heaved a sigh of relief, consoled him, and commended him for his timely action, escaping from the fox’s den.

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