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Why Should We Fight?

Hey, it is a long fight

It was a hot summer evening in the forest, the elephants were on a tough journey, miles away from their dwelling place to find some water and relax. Two elephants argued with each other over a silly thing. The argument got intense. “Show you are an elephant,” other elephants provoked them to fight each other.  This kind of fight happens in the elephant community to prove who is stronger.

But our elephants were too lazy to fight. So both the elephants made a secret arrangement. The elephants started fighting. The funny thing is that their fight was very slow. They fight for some time, take rest, again fight.

Elephants are fighting, Where Is The Dust?

Usually, when two elephants fight, it’s a ground-shaking event with a lot of dust and noise. But here the two elephants are fighting slowly with no dust forming or any noise, it was just a silent fight, everything was slow and steady.  It was clear that they had no interest in fighting, but to fulfill other elephant’s expectations, they were fighting.

Lazy elephants were playing another game. So other elephants cursed themselves for wasting time watching the fight and left. Lazy elephants also stopped their fight and walked along with the herd, smiling each other.

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