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Game Over, The Story Of A Rat And A Cat

cat and rat cartoon

“What is your excuse for today? Every time I catch you, you tell me some kind of excuses, and I’ll let you go.  I hope you ran out of such silly excuses, and I am now going to kill you,” said the cat.

The cat who was sleeping after a heavy lunch woke up hearing some strange noises. It was a rat running here and there. The cat caught the rat. The rat’s brain was working fast. He was running out of time, had to find out some kind of excuses to save himself from the cat’s paw.

The Worried Cat

“Oh sir, I am sorry, if I have disturbed your sleep, but I wanted to inform you about something important,” said the rat. “What is your silly secret?” the angry cat asked impatiently. “I came to know from some reliable sources that some country cats are preparing a plot to attack you,” said the rat.  “Why should they attack me? I am also a cat like them,” said the cat. “It’s because they envy you, you are enjoying all those luxury while they suffer,” said the rat. What the rat told him took away all his peace of mind. He was aware of those wild country cats, they are stronger, and they just don’t care about anything.

“Thanks for the information bro, you saved my life. I will let you go. Also, you are appointed as my spy, please let me know these kinds of information as and when it happens,” said the worried cat. “Yes sir, of course, I will do my duty promptly,” promised the rat. Back home, he told the story to his family, and everybody appreciated his smartness. The rat enjoyed all the freedom in that house from that day on wards.