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Mother Bird From The Tree Home

Would you mind me asking you a question?

“Hey girl, it’s going to rain, stop playing and go to your home,” the bird advised the little girl Andrea who was playing in the backyard of her home. Andrea got curious about the little blue bird, asked the bird where she is living. “I am living in that tree with my three kids,” said the bird pointing towards a big tree in the neighborhood.

“Ah, you are living in a tree home. It would be a nice experience,” said the girl. “No dear child, living in a tree home has its problems too. We fear the windstorms, sometimes that will ruin our home uprooting the trees. Sometimes there are unexpected visitors like snakes trying to steal my eggs,” said the bird.

Andrea said he loved birds. “You are so cute and colorful, can we become friends?” asked the girl. Why not? Of course, we can be friends. When my kids start flying, I will take them to you to introduce you to them. They would be happy to see a lovely girl like you. You are a good girl, nice and polite. When I go home, I will tell my children about meeting you, they will be happy,” said the bird.

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“Oops, the rain has started, let me go home,” said the bird as she flew to her tree home. Andrea was too happy to meet that lovely mother bird and ran to the comfort of her home.

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