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Love Birds Of The Jungle

It’s already late in the evening, and she was worried about the male bird who has not yet returned from work. They have started living together on that tree only a few days back. It was a beautiful place where there was nobody to disturb them. A happy couple they were, always seen chit-chatting together in their small nest.

The whistling of the wind made the bird’s heart beating.  “I hope my love reaches before it starts raining,” the female bird whispered to herself. She grew anxious about the safety of her partner, whether he is safe or not.  She prayed to God for his protection. Sometimes he gets late, but not this much late. The wind was growing stronger and stronger.h

The whistling of the wind made the bird’s heart beating.

“Hello darling, I am back home,” it was the male bird greeting the female bird. He flew from the opposite direction where she was sitting, so she couldn’t see him. “Thank God, I am relieved now, hope you are alright dear?” asked the female bird. “It was raining on the other side of the forest, so I had to wait for some time for the rain to stop, sorry to make you anxious,” said the male bird. Both birds sat together and started chit-chat about the day’s events.

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