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Elephant Who Loved Children

What they are doing?

Some elephants are good, and some are bad. Here is a female elephant. She was always cool, calm, and quiet. One day she was walking along the riverside saw a group of children doing something funny. They were laughing and talking loudly. The curious elephant walked to them. The children who were busy with fishing didn’t see the elephant. So the elephant stood still there curiously watching the children fishing. One of the children saw the elephant started screaming out of fear.

A Unique Friendship

Children couldn’t move out of fear, but the elephant was very friendly to them, smiled at them, waved her trunk. Children were happy to see a friendly elephant and befriend with the elephant. They climbed to the top of the elephant. The elephant took them for a safari. Children couldn’t believe that they are riding on the back of a wild elephant. They were too happy.

“Hey, that is my home, would you mind being a guest at my home?” one of the children asked the elephant pointing to his home. The elephant walked to his home.  Everybody in the boy’s family got a surprise seeing a wild elephant with a group of children on her back. They fed her with a lot of bananas. It was a season of jackfruit, and there were plenty of them. She ate to her heart’s content. By evening she said goodbye to children and went home happy.

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