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My Circus Life, As Told By A Lion

Are you curious about who I am? I am a circus lion. You must have guessed it right, have you? It’s a busy life in the circus with daily practices and shows. Sometimes I envy at my friends in the zoo, who have nothing to do, other than simply sitting, watching the zoo visitors, eating food, yawning, sleeping, and again sitting, yawning. But I am sure that they miss the popularity I enjoy here.

Back in the jungle as a baby lion, I had a lot of freedom to do whatever I wish to do. My father was the king of the jungle, so we had a great life, as no other animals have enjoyed. But one day it happened. I was snatched away from my dear family by the merciless hunters who have taken me to this circus.

At first, I couldn’t adjust to this new environment and I protested with all my strength. But slowly I learned to be submissive. Now I enjoy my circus life as I see people like my performance, especially kids clapping and smiling at me. As I have become popular, more and more people are coming to the circus to see me in action. Management is also happy to have me with their circus, they are looking after me very well.

Here comes my trainer, who is training me a lot of tricks. Sometimes I get annoyed with him because he is a stubborn man. Anyway, he is teaching me, that’s good for me!

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