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Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere

I am stuck!

A Homely Cat’s Outside Tour

I am a kitten born to a royal cat family who enjoyed all the luxury at the home I was living. But I was never satisfied confining myself to indoor activities. I always cherished a dream to go out of my comfort zone to enjoy the outside world. A closed-door prevented me from going out. One day, it all changed. When I found that door lying open before me. I took that opportunity granted to go out of the house. 

Outside, everything was new to me. I saw many things the first time in my life, skyscrapers, vehicles, parks. I was just mesmerized by what I saw! I have seen them only on TV, but the feel of the real outside world was incredible! I saw the madding crowd, shops, restaurants.

But later, my adventure turned into a bitter experience. Wandering here and there, I lost myself somewhere in the middle of the concrete jungle. I couldn’t trace my home. Yes, I know that a cat should not forget his path back home. But here I am, lost somewhere, standing stranded in the middle of the skyscrapers, fast-moving vehicles! I am not sure how to get back to my home. I now regret my decision to venture out. I should have stayed at home. It was the best thing for a homely cat like me!

Can you help me out?

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