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The Fish Hunter

You are a pricey catch

The fox was a brilliant fish hunter. He never misses his target as he is an expert in hunting. Fishing is his hobby, and he loves to eat fish more than anything else. One day, the hungry fox was walking on the lakeside to hunt some fish. He saw a shine under the water, which aroused his curiosity.

It was a big fish swimming happily under the bright sun. What happened that day was unexpected, like the fox was a hunting expert, the fish too was an expert in escaping hunters. With her flexible body, she acted smartly to distract the fox.

The smart fox followed the fish along the lakeside, but couldn’t get hold of her. The frustrated fox jumped into the water to catch the fish. Unfortunately, that was a deep area of the lake, and there was a heavy undercurrent that took the fox away. He thought he was going to die. But luckily, he got hold of a tree branch and escaped. It was a big blow to the fox. It was the first time a silly fish defeated the fox.

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