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How Can A Little Girl Help A Cat

Andrea loved cats. She was the self-assumed guardian of many cats at her home. Wherever she spots a cat, she would find some time to spend with them, pampering them and playing with them. One day, she accidentally met a cat in the park. She tried to strike a conversation with him, but he was hesitant. Something was bothering him, Andrea was sure about that. After several tires, the cat started talking.

He told Andrea about hist story, how he is ended up in the park working as a security guard. He was living a lonely life with no family or friends around him. Although he enjoyed his job, he often missed his dear family. Once upon a time, he was a happy cat, living with his family. Every day is a great day, with a lot of activities to do.  Hunting rats, catching fish from the lake, he had so many things to do for which a day was not sufficient.

Everything turned upside down that day. Strong winds and thunderstorms shook his place of dwelling.  Trees fell, the floodwaters were overflowing the river. He had never experienced such a catastrophic event ever in his life. After the thunderstorm is over, he found himself all alone. Somebody took him to the pet hospital, where he recovered fast. He got a job in that park where Andrea met him.

Hearing the touching cat story, Andrea promised to help him out. Read the exciting adventurous story of Andrea’s mission bingo. You can download the book from Amazon here.

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