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It Helped The Ship From Drifting Away

ship anchor
Look At That!

Are you wondering where I am standing? I am standing in front of a ship’s anchor. Have you ever wondered how a ship avoids drifting away when it is stopped in the middle of the sea? An anchor helps the ship to hold tight to the seabed. It’s an essential tool every ship in the world has. 

Attached firmly to a ship’s body, an anchor helps a ship to stand still in the middle of the sea.  An anchor is attached to a ship’s body with the help of strong chains. You might be wondering about the size of an anchor compared to my small size. It’s made of strong metal and is very strong to avoid any ship movement when anchored.

An anchor is usually placed on the front of a vessel. When released, it hurls down to the sea until it reaches the bottom of the sea and gets stuck to the seabed.  Hey kids, have you ever seen an anchor? Tell me where you have seen it? Sometimes you can spot them in a museum or near a port. Try to learn more about the anchor, and you will be amazed by the fact that how an anchor small in size compared to the big size of the ship can manage the ship from drifting away.