old elephant and the little girl
Hello Elephant Glad to Meet You

Little Girl And The Old Circus Elephant

Hello little girl, you were so kind to me. While everybody tries to avoid me, you still come to me. I will tell you my story, would you like to hear?” asked the sad old elephant. “Of course, I would like to hear your story, please tell me,” the little girl grew curious to know more about him.

Consoling Mug
Consoling Mug
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“Once upon a time, I was a young and charming elephant in the circus.  I am in this circus, ever since I was a kid. I learned a lot of tricks from the master trainer. Some of those tricks were hard to master, so I had a hard time with the trainer. But the training made me very smart. After each performance, I got a lot of endless applause. I was a great performer, nobody was there to beat me in my performance.

You see those young elephants standing there? They are my students. I feel so proud of them. I taught them when they were still new to the circus, the tricks I took years to master. Now the circus management wants to get rid of me as I am now old and have become a burden. Today, we all are leaving this place to a new place. I don’t know when we will meet again,” said the elephant with tears in his eyes. The little girl also cried went home say thinking about the poor old elephant.

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