Duck Dancers Enjoying Their Covid Freedom

duck dancers

Let's dance darling

Two mallard ducks started dancing, frogs gave the music. Mallard ducks shook their body to the tune of music. The frog music was excellent, keep them dancing for long. It was a fine evening for all those animals living in the pond. They were celebrating the freedom. After a long time they are enjoying a peaceful and happy environment. Some few months ago it was not the case, the place was bustling with duck hunters. Animals were living in fear that anytime hunters could end their life. It was a haunting experience.

Blue Funny Coffee Mug
Blue Funny Coffee Mug

Why they are dancing singing?

Now it is quite different, thanks to covid pandemic. Their hunters are now fearing their hunter, the covid virus. Animals are now free, nobody was there to hunt them, because all those hunters were under lockdown. It’s the unexpected freedom they were enjoying singing songs and dancing together. It was so much fun for the ducks and the frogs.



We Are A Happy Bird Family!

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