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I'm Not A Thief, Don't Follow Me

The Honeycomb Raider

It was dark midnight, the whole village was asleep. I stepped into the village in search of some fresh honey. Everybody knows how much a bear loves honey. It’s our strongest weakness! Nothing can stop us from hunting down the best honey.  So here I am, the honeycomb raider, searching for a honeycomb that can quench my thirst.

I saw a big honeycomb hanging from the top of a big tree. I climbed onto the tree, grabbed the honeycomb, started enjoying the sweet honey. It was delicious, the sweetest honey I ever had in my life. Suddenly, I heard a barking down under the tree. It was a silly dog who spotted me drinking honey, staring at me and barking non-stop. He was jealous or what, wanted to give me trouble.  I sensed danger. If I ignore the dog, the villagers would wake up and catch me. I will end up in a circus or in a zoo. No, that’s too horrible.

Here I am falling from the top of the tree as I lost my grip. Luckily I landed upon a bush nothing happened to me. Ok, it’s time for some action, time to act fast. If the villagers spot me, that’s the end of my life. So with all my strength, I got up and started running.  Here I am running, you see, that stupid dog is just behind me.