A Honeycomb Adventure


Dog and the bear
I'm Not A Thief, Don't Follow Me
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I was mid night, I intruded into the village looking for some fresh honey. We bears love honey, it’s our strongest weakness. Nothing can stop us from getting honey we spotted. I spotted a big honeycomb on the top of a tree in the village and climbed on it. Just when I was tasking the sweet honey, I heard continuous barking. It was from a silly dog, under the tree, staring and barking at me.

I lost my concentration, and my grip on the tree got loosen. I fell from the tree, but luckily on landed a bush under the tree. If the villagers spot me, that’s the end of me. So with all my strength, I got up and started running.  Here I am running, you can see, the dog is also running behind me.

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