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Rogue Elephant Of The National Park

The rogue elephant was angry for no reason. He decided to thrash anything that he sees around. So he went out furious, looking for an opportunity to create a mess. He was delightful in destroying things and indulging in violence. Other animals feared him and kept a safe distance away from the rogue elephant. Even other elephants also feared him a lot for his strength and violent nature.

Walking through the national park, the elephant saw a group of people in a vehicle. They spotted the rogue elephant, started clicking photos. They were admiring about his huge size, but he didn’t give any attention to them.

He saw a small boy inside the Jeep, looking at him, and waving his hands in excitement. The elephant smiled at him, he was so cute. Until that day nobody was friendly to him. But this little boy taught him to smile. That day onwards, the rogue elephant became a nice elephant smiling at other animals, helping them with their problems.

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