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Bird And The Train

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The bird was flying. “The winter has begun, I have to go find another place, to escape the winter,” the bird thought. Suddenly she heard a loud noise. The bird was taken aback by the loud noise from an old steam engine fast approaching from the other side of the mountain. It was going to a faraway place.

Luckily, she managed without hitting the train engine but fell unconscious on the top of the engine. After some time, she regained consciousness and opened her eyes. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her.  “Hey, where are you taking me?”  the bird asked the train. “You had a narrow escape without hitting me. I think you were in your deep thoughts? You fell unconscious on my lap. Now you are hundreds of miles away from your home,” said the train.

“I was worried about surviving the winter. That is why I didn’t see you are coming on my way. Anyway, now I am happy, now you are taking me to a new place. I hope there is no winter there,” said the bird. “You are right, the place I am taking you has a good time of the season. You will be enjoying your stay there,” said the train. The bird was happy and thanked the train to take her for a free ride.

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