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Outsmarting The Smart Fox

rabbit and the fox
Oops, the fox is giving me a hardtime.

The mother rabbit was returning home after a hard working day.  What she saw made her upset. Her heart was beating fast. From a distance, the rabbit mother saw that frightening scene. Willy, the cunning fox was sitting in front of her home, waiting for her kids to open the door. She knew what will happen next if her kids open the door. Even thinking about that sent shivers down her spine. Willy the fox had the wicked plan to attack the rabbit kids. It was the usual time for the rabbit mother to return from her job. If the fox knocks on the door, the kids will think that their mother had come and will open the door.

So rabbit mother had to do something now, time is so precious. How will she inform the kids about the cunning fox waiting outside? She had no idea. Suddenly an idea sparked in her mind.  She threw a stone on the fox. The annoyed fox turned back, and the rabbit mother went hiding inside a bush. The fox saw nothing. She again threw stone on the fox and this stone-pelting happened several times.

Willy fox was very annoyed at that and started looking for the crook who was pelting stones at him. He searched everywhere, but couldn’t find who was throwing the stones at him.

The rabbit mother took that opportunity. She ran as fast as she could to her home. She knocked on the door, and the kids opened the door to let her in.

The fox saw nothing and returned to the rabbit home and knocked the door. The mother rabbit told her kids about the dangerous fox waiting outside. The fox waited anxiously for the kids to open the door, but nothing happened. He again knocked, still there was no response. He was confused and finally realized that rabbit mother is already inside the home. Soon it started raining, and the fox had to return home empty-handed.