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Honeybee And The Flower

It was a fine spring morning. The garden had a lot of fresh and colorful flowers, bright and shining. Wroom, Wroom the honeybee was making few rounds flying from flower to flower. He was working hard to collect enough honey for tomorrow’s big event. Tomorrow is a party day at their honeycomb country, where all the bees will assemble before the queen for a day-long party.

The party is to celebrate their victory over a honey hunter. One fat bear climbed the big tree, where the honeycomb was hanging. Even before he touched the comb, the honeybee army started attacking him. They fought the bear vigorously until he lost his grip on the tree and fell.  The bees have to be in vigil protecting their country from enemies such as these fat bears. They are lazy and won’t work, but the moment they spot a honeycomb, they will climb any big tree to get the honey, even risking their own life.

The flowers wished the honeybee a great day and gave all they could. The flowers produced the purest and the sweetest of their honey! After making a few rounds, the honeybee had enough honey for the event. There will be guests from other honeycomb countries to join the event. He thanked the flowers for their cooperation and flew back to his honeycomb to take some rest.

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