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The Story Of The River

Lion and the elephant

One day, a young elephant set off to explore the world outside his home. He walked and walked for miles until he reached a beautiful place. That place had a lot of green meadows and flowers. Also, there here was a small river flowing through that place. So he stopped there to drink some water. The water tasted sweet. Wow, this water is tasking like honey and is very nourishing,” the elephant thought.

“Hello, are you new here? I have never seen you here before,” that was a young lion on the other side of the river. “I am coming from a faraway place. This water tastes so sweet. Do you know where this water is coming from?” the curious elephant asked. “This river comes from that big mountain. The mountain catches the rain when it is raining and releases water during the summer for animals like us. It’s very amazing, the water is so pure and tastes like honey,” said the lion.

“Do you wish to climb that mountain and see the starting point of the river?” asked the lion. “Yes, I do. Can you please take me there?” the elephant requested the lion. Both the animals started climbing the big mountain. After a lot of struggles, they reached the mountain peak. “Wow, it’s so amazing. I could see the whole world standing here,” exclaimed the elephant.  They saw where the river originates. It was a small pond from where the river was starting. Elephant thanked the young lion for that valuable tour and went home happy.

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