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Race Horse Night

Race horse

Hello friends, tomorrow is a big day for me. I am going for a race. Trained as a racing horse, the first race in my life, a time to prove myself. Everybody put trust in me, some even betting money upon me. If I fail, they will lose money, and who bet against me will gain money. I think betting on the horses is not good.

Anyway, I have been practicing all day long. Do you know that, the life of a racehorse is not an easy one. horse beautyOur day starts early in the morning, running through the meadows and practicing jumping over the hurdles. In the race, a single mistake will cost dearly! Tomorrow I will go to the race with my friends here on the ranch. All my future depends on tomorrow’s race. If I fail, I will be out of this ranch.  People here say that I am the fastest horse they have ever seen.

But I don’t believe it. I think I need more practice for the race. Anyway, it all depends upon the man who rides me. If he rides me well, I will do my best. Oh, here comes my rider. He says that he puts all his trust in me, and he is confident that tomorrow we will win. Let’s hope for the best. Good night buddies.

horse in front of a castle

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