Racing For Tomorrow!

race horse against night sky
Waiting For Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my big day, participating in my first horse race ever. I am very tense tonight, because after all those hard preparation if I fail, my master will be upset. I know, many people have made their bet on me. For the last few years, I have been trained specially for the race. In this beautiful horse ranch, I get all pampering, food, and encouragement like no other horse ever had in its life. My owner has put a lot of trust in me, boasts his friends about my racehorse talents.

It adds lot of pressure on me, I have to win tomorrow’s race at any cost!

I am born into a sports family. My father was a racehorse, and his father was too. They were winners in various horse races they participated in. It adds a lot of pressure on me. Maybe I will win, or I will lose, but I am prepared to face anything that happens. I have to take failure in a sportsman spirit as my father always says, “take failures to fuel your next big win!”


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