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Powerful Bull And The Young Lion

Here he is!

“It’s a great place I found, plenty of fresh grass here. It’s good that I left the rest of the herd and found this place. I will keep this information to myself, a top guarded secret. I am not going to tell anybody about this great meadow so that I can eat this grass all by myself,” thought the bull. The bull was a strong one, never cared for others. Being a selfish bully, he cut himself off from the rest of his community, because he thought and he can fight a predator who comes on his way.

The young lion hiding behind the grass was watching the meaty bull. Why he was waiting? Because the lion saw the bull is a strong one, so he has to be careful in hunting it.  A single mistake on his part will get him killed. The lion waited for the right time to attack the bull. The bull was coming near to the place lion was hiding. “Yes, this is the right time,” the lion jumped upon the bull.

Confidence is good, but not overconfidence, It Kills!

“Ah, leave me, or I will kill you,” the bull shouted. The bull tried to shook the lion off from his body. But the sharp claws of the lion made him stick on to the bull’s body. “Somebody please help me, this lion is mad,” screamed the bull in pain. The bull cried for help, but there was nobody to help him out. He cursed himself for grazing alone, but it was too late. 

Soon other lions joined the young lion in attacking the strong bull. Within a few minutes, the bull was dead. The lions had a great lunch on the bull that day.

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