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Elephant Friend

Here you go baby!

Yes, an elephant can be a man’s best friend. I was brought to this place when I was a baby elephant. This little girl took care of me very well. She taught me so many good things. In the beginning, I made a lot of mistakes, but she patiently taught me.

She told me my story, how I reached here when I was very young. She also have great stories about other elephants she read in books and tells me how a good elephant should behave. Those stories are interesting to hear, make me feel proud of being an elephant. People respect and love the elephant, she says. But it is sad to hear that poor elephants are subjected to hardships put into laborious tasks risking their life such as working as a timber elephant, and that should be stopped.

My little friend’s holidays have begun. We’re having a good time together. She sings songs, and I dance with her songs. Last time, some of her little friends were here. We had a great time playing around. Life is exciting these days. Hope it is the same with you. Kids, I love you all!

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