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The Alert Deer

Who is there?

The deer was always alert for any predators, and she has to. The poor deer, being a soft target for many of the wild predators, has got a lot of reasons to be vigilant. 

Lions, Tigers, and her predator list goes on. Thanks to her fast legs, she has always managed to escape unhurt. But she is not overconfident about it, because the deer is fully aware of the dangers looming around her.

When she is alert, her ears in a raised position. That’s when she is listening to any peculiar sound. If she identifies something different, she has to take shelter as soon as possible. She had heard stories about how predators employ various tricks to trap small animals like her. One day she had a narrow escape from the clutches of a lion. The lion was hiding inside a bush. She was coming on his way, but a bird sitting on the tree top signaled her. If that signal was not there should would have been end up as the lunch of the lion.

All the time, she has to stay alert. One thing she is happy about is that nobody knows where she lives.

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