Elephant And The Ant Story

ant and the elephant
I'll Blow You Away!

One day the baby elephant met a hardworking Ant. He was curious about what the ant was doing and offered his help. “Hey Mr. Ant, you seem to be in a hurry. Do you need any help?” asked the baby elephant.

“Baby, you are too small to understand what I am doing,” said the old ant to the baby elephant. All day, we work hard to make sure that our family survives the cold winter. Do you know that the Holy Bible mentions us? For the lazy people it tells to “Learn from the ants” to learn from our hardworking nature. We work as a team. If one of us spots something interesting, it signals the others. Together we form a strong team to transport what we found to our habitat.

Go to the ant, you lazy one; Observe its ways and become wise. Proverbs 6:6 (Bible)

We are born weight lifters? We can life things heavier than our body weight. The interesting thing is that we are not trained on these sorts of things, but God created us this way,” said the ant.

“Wow, you are great!” said the elephant. I never thought about ants doing such heavy tasks. I admire you! Thanks for letting me know about you. I will be more careful when I walk not to disturb you, hardworking guys,” said the elephant.

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