Everybody has got an advantage with their own body and appearance. It'"/>

Hide And Seek

fox and the elephant playing
I will find you

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A fox and elephant started to play a game of hide-and-seek. “Hey, you go and hide, and I will find you in no time because I am big and stronger than you!” challenged the elephant. The fox said ok and went hiding. The elephant searched for the fox everywhere. He went to the riverside, and the fox was not there. He went to the mountain valley, and the clever fox was not there. He went to meadows, and he was not there too!

Everybody has got an advantage with their own body and appearance. It’s the matter of using it for their advantage!

The elephant couldn’t find the fox as the fox was too small for the elephant to find him out. So the elephant was tired and stood under a tree. The fox appeared from nowhere. The elephant admitted that he has failed. Now it was the elephant’s turn to hide. He went hiding behind a tree. Even though he was hiding behind the tree, most of his body was out of the tree and visible. The fox could find the elephant in no time. The elephant said sorry to the fox for underestimating the fox and continued as good friends.

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